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Tessa Dancing Pearl Earrings
Tessa Dancing Pearl Earrings
Tessa Dancing Pearl Earrings
Tessa Dancing Pearl Earrings

Tessa Dancing Pearl Earrings

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Materials & Details

- 925 sterling silver (S925).

- 14K gold plated for extra shine and higher durability.

- Faux pearl.

- Hypoallergenic. 

- Size: 1.0cm (Pearl), 2.3cm (Entire length including pearl)


Jewellery Care

- Our jewellery are made of 925 silver or stainless steel, which does not rust or corrode, but are subject to oxidation (colour dull or darkened) due to moisture and air throughout the time.

- Jewellery will last and shine for years with proper care.

- Store jewellery in a sealed bag/ box, or anti-oxidation case that comes together with your order purchase.

- Store separately to prevent scratches.

- Avoid direct contact with perfume, body lotions, hair sprays, or any other chemical products.

- Avoid direct sunlight, heat or cold, especially stay away from humidity.

- Avoid immerse jewellery  in water.

- Remove jewellery when bathing, showering, or swimming.

- Remove jewellery before going to bed, or participating in physical activities.

- Wipe the pieces with soft cloth after use.


Self-care During The Pandemic

- A piercing hole is an easy place for dirt and grime to become trapped. So, gently wipe the front and back of your earlobes with alcohol swab attached before you first wearing them.

- Wash your hand, and especially under your finger nails, before removing your jewellery is vital. Starting off with cleaning fingers will minimise the chance of spreading around bacteria while cleaning your ears and earrings.